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Freaking Awesome

This song is meh, until at like 0:26 that insturment thing makes me like overload with hapiness. This is one of the best pieces of music ever created by anyone ever.

Rucklo responds:

Yikes, dude! I'm very happy that you like the remake! Don't forget to check out the original tune in case you haven't though, there's a link in the song description above. :)

Nice Range of Voices

Very good range, kinda funny subbjects to talk about, keeps the VA reel less boring good work.

Nice Dramatic Song, Suspensful Intro too

Great job, sounds like the kinda music in old RPGs as Cross666 said, nice work!

Are you Joking?

Not to come out as a dick but this is a bunch of non fitting garageband loops that I never liked to begin with. And seriously the sci-fi noises and the camera noises? WTF Are you on crack? I'm sorry but you need a basis of a song, to you this sounds brutal but it has no structure just mayhem.

dude this is sick! im gonna use it in my flash

now wether or not i finish my flash and post it i dont know but one thing its not ambient

Primal-Instinct responds:

And Hello 13 year old. I have been making music for longer than you have existed. I'm pretty sure of a lot of things. You may not even be sure why you like boobs yet.

Define ambient, then tell me why you want to use it. You'll find your reason to want to use it and the definition of "ambient" are unified.

Glad you like it.

The Cake is not a lie

Turns out the cake was shoved into your stomach kinda like the key behind the eye in saw but we were all to dumb when playing portal to slit ourselves open.

Anyways awsome song already and remixed it's better just adds to that funny feel. Congrats!

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Thats awsome I picture like this huge battlefield where they're fighting some huge monster, or maybe zombies or yeah anyways epic song!

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awsome song

man this is some intense stuff
your walking down the sidewalk when suddenly you are mugged by a unicorn with a pistol! OMG! lol honestly first thing that came to my mind

(hey guy below has same pic lol)


Reminds me a lot of that XBOX game Roboblitz...?
Anyways a great light hearted feelng space song, good to have in a music video flash or sad, but happy sci fi movie's ending. Nevertheless, AWSOME.

Nice beginning, then morphs to a actions based song, then mellows back then spikes and ends. A great form.

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Hah Sweet

The games pretty awsome too. I love the intro lol!

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! The sequel is in the concept stage right now.


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